School choice OK for gays but not for the poor?
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Another good bit in the “WSJ”: today (On the subscriber side) on a lawsuit filed against the Harvey Milk High School, which is a segregated school for LGBT kids in Manhattan.

bq. _… (T)he real scandal here: a city public school system willing to deliver choice to a politically influential group while subjecting hundreds of thousands of others to education triage._

bq. _The co-plaintiffs in the suit, …”Jane Doe” — a mother of four whose children attend public schools in Mr. Diaz’s district in the South Bronx… How, the suit asks, can the city justify spending millions on a gay school with a total enrollment projected at only 170 while leaving many of the one million other New York schoolchildren in the lurch?_

bq. _… The Harvey Milk School for gays claims a graduation rate of 95%, with more than 60% of its students going off to college. Whatever you think of the idea of a gay school, by any measure we’re talking about an education elite. In sharp contrast, a good chunk of New York City’s other high school students — say, the black and Latino students who make up Mr. Diaz’s district — will never see a high school diploma. At the middle school attended by Jane Doe’s eldest child, only 13% of eighth-graders test at level for English and only 8.5% for math._

“The Advocate”: has coverage, too:

bq. _ The city has spent $750,000 to expand the school. “The issue is whether taxpayers’ money should go toward segregated schools and promoting the gay lifestyle,” Long said._

“”: hits the issue, too, saying

bq. _(I)t has faced criticism for being a modern form of segregation, with many people, including gay rights activists, calling for schools to attack bullying directly instead._

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