Good News from Iraq
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From a Marine, “on the ground”:

bq. _…It all reminds me of my experience a decade ago in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Most ordinary Russians, Poles and Czechs hailed Ronald Reagan as a hero for bringing down the “evil empire” when few people had the courage even to call it that._

bq. _In much the same way, ordinary Iraqis have a tremendous reservoir of goodwill for the president who coined the term “axis of evil”–and who then acted to eradicate a primary source of that evil…_

bq. _…most ordinary Iraqis are in no way disillusioned with the U.S. What they want–and need–is greater help. This will necessitate a sustained military presence here until the seeds for economic growth and development have taken root._

bq. _For that I know the men, women and children of my Arab street are grateful. As Zaid has told me, “It will take 10 to 15 years for Iraq to become a normal country. It is important during that time that the United States be here to help us.” Semper fidelis…_

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