Mysterious Ways
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By jank - Last updated: Monday, August 18, 2003 - Save & Share - 7 Comments

So tonight was Missy’s evening to host Bunko for a bunch of women from the church. For those who aren’t of the United Methodist persuasion, that translates into a bunch of women sitting around drinking wine and rolling dice. Talibaptist they ain’t.

It also means that the kid and I were personas non gratas in the house for a while. So, like any good dad, I trucked the kid over to the local Wings ‘n’ Things for a little bit of root beer and big screen football.

(Oh, by the way – there’s another Jank due sometime around Leap Day 2004. I’m pumped, and Missy will be as soon as she stops feeling nauseous.)

It’s the pre-season, so the place was pretty deserted when we showed up for the pre-game show, and sat down. Our server recognized the kid from his pre-school, which landed him a couple of extra crayons. He was pretty much stoked already, especially since he was sitting in front of the biggest TV he’d seen in his life.

Regardless, Jake’s three-year-old mind was pretty much blown that we were able to actually eat supper without turning off the TV. He was into the truck commercials pretty fiercely, and actually liked watching the game. If there weren’t trucks or men in tights on the tube, he started to get pretty agitated. Lucky for him, he’s growing up in the beginning of the 21^st^ century, where gas guzzlers and football are practically religions.

I fielded a lot of questions about the game, though I’m afraid that his entire understanding of football would resemble what my elementary school gym teachers called ‘Kill the Man with the Ball’ and my less-politically-correct-but-more-socially-savvy-than-me peers referred to with a homophobic slur. He kind of got the whole idea of ‘touchdown’ when St. Louis scored on a fumble return, but enjoyed it so much that he’d put his hands over his head and yell ‘Touchdown’ any time the guy with the ball crossed a solid yard line. He was having fun, which was all that mattered to me.

The pre-school connection worked out well for Jake and I. We got Happy Hour prices on the wings and beer (‘Anyone from St. Peter’s pre-school gets cheap beer here’. So I’ve got that going for me. More ‘proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,’ to quote the imminent Mr. Franklin). Being the sucker that I am, I turned all of that discount into a tip for the underpaid child-care worker. Plus, a couple of bucks in tips each week is much cheaper in the long run than investing in cable and a big-screen for the house.

We swung by the “Maud Marks Smith”: branch of the Harris County Public library on the way home. Harry J, forgive me, but when I turned in the stack of kids’ books Missy had culled from Jake’s room, we were facing a hefty fine. Ah, well. They let us turn around and go home with some new ones. I highly encourage y’all to spend some quality time in the under 5 section of your local public library (After you check out the Rhythm and Blues music section, which is the only place you can locate Rhythm and Blues music these days, according to Elwood Blues). Children’s literature has expanded _WAY_ past ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘Make Way for Ducklings.’ They’ve got books on everything. Though during my extensive three year research into this, I’m not sure that things have improved with a wider selection. ‘Goodnight Moon’ still rocks.

Anyhow, the kid was pretty amped, so we made a quick stop by the store to pick up M*dd*n 2004. He started off riding on my shoulders, but quickly decided that it was a lot more fun to see if he could climb all over my arms and tickle me. If we’d been the average of our ages, the management would have called the cops to quiet down the ruckus. But at 33 collective years of age, we got a pass, since we had a valid credit card between us. Don’t expect a lot of input from me the next few nights.

He’s asleep now. We read a bunch of new books including ‘Who Says Hoo?’ and some cool book about airplanes (Did you realize that it took Lindy 33 hours to fly from NYC to Gay Paris?). I did the dishes for my pregnant wife so she could hit the rack after her soiree. Plus, I’d listened to Melissa Stark explain all the new features of the game, and am feeling pretty intimidated.

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7 Responses to “Mysterious Ways”

Comment from Becky
Time August 19, 2003 at 10:30 am

Man I miss “Wings n Things.” Still schedule my trips home to Bryan around a it — the best smoked turkey sandwich in the world. (and John says the wings are good, too)

Comment from cynsmith
Time August 19, 2003 at 11:59 am

Oh, thanks. Now I have another place to call about hosting our rehearsal dinner. I talked to Freebirds World Burrito yesterday.

Comment from etrigan
Time August 19, 2003 at 12:29 pm

ack! Please, don’t make me go to Freeburps. ;o)

Comment from KellyMc
Time August 19, 2003 at 12:46 pm

John, do you have a gastro-intestinal-distress-themed nickname for every restaurant?

Comment from jank
Time August 19, 2003 at 12:58 pm

Wings are darn fine, if a bit under powered.

Funny how food can drive trips and memories. My folks brought a Monjuni’s lasagna with them the last time they came down. I was estatic, but missed the garlic toast.

Comment from ashley
Time August 20, 2003 at 12:32 pm

into kids’s books? i’m going on 3 years of research myself. try calef brown. sure, you won’t learn about how long it took anyone to do anything, but it’s nice to escape reality – kind of a modern day dr. seus – and the illustrations are great.

my niece (3 also) has POLKA BATS AND OCTOPUS SLACKS and DUTCH SNEAKERS AND FLEA KEEPERS memorized. it’s good stuff. enjoy.

Comment from jank
Time August 20, 2003 at 2:27 pm

My favorite recent kids’ book is IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PANCAKE. But the sequels – IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN and IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE kind of beat the whole series into the ground…

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