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By jank - Last updated: Friday, August 15, 2003 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

“Dan Hamburg”: . Too bad the site’s from the 1998 election. Pulsating green graphics, and a grey haired dude with a ponytail.

So I found “Jose Camejo’s”: site to get a Green Party candidate for today. Want to make sure we stay fair and balanced. But clicking on his “10 key values”: only brings up a list of questions, such as _”How can we further biocentric wisdom in all spheres of life?”_

I honestly like the following two planks –

bq. _How can we resolve personal and intergroup conflicts without just turning them over to lawyers and judges?_
_How can we redesign our institutions so that fewer decisions and less regulation over money are granted as one moves from the community to the national level?_

This guy’d be great to drink with … Only 5 hours ’till beer…

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