WDYLIA – Episode 2 – Part 1 (of 2 Parts)
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WDYLIA(Why Don’t You Live In Austin?) – Episode 2 – Part 1 (of 2 Parts) in a continuing series; This part is subtitled “I still love Tim and Karrie, but they need to rein things back in.”

Saturday (8/9/2003) afternoon launched another excellent day in Austin kicking it “Rolling Roadshow”:http://www.drafthouse.com/RRS/index.html style with the “Alamo Drafthouse”:http://www.drafthouse.com owners, Tim and Karrie League. The night was a great success with only a few hitches that I believe can be easily addressed (if T&K are willing to rein in “Harry Knowles’s”:http://www.aintitcoolnews.com voracious fan appetite.) Games were played, crafts were made, movies were seen, fun was had.

Saturday around Noon:30 Becky and I met up with our pals Marcos, Diana and Tino and drove out to a campground in the middle of nowhere. Ok, it wasn’t exactly nowhere. Austinites and lucky tourists know that Camp Ben McCollugh is directly across the road from “The Salt Lick”:http://www.saltlickbbq.com/. Doors opened at 1:00pm and camp events weren’t starting until 3:00pm. but somehow we were nowhere close to being the first people in line when we arrived at 1:20pm. Our spirits were high, though, because we were dressed correctly for summer camp (as evidenced by our never-too-cool-for-school inspiration Tino.)


Upon check-in we were given our camp uniforms, a light blue t-shirt with the camp logo and a pair of tube socks that we were instructed to pull all the way up our calves. Some of the crowd had different camp experiences than I did and came prepared with razors, scissors and saftey pins so they could alter their t-shirts to show how much cooler they were than the rest of the campers. We held to the belief that camp was a group experience and not a place for overt individualism — not to mention, people who stand out end up getting slashed first! (Ok, maybe we’re just dorks.)


Between check-in and 3:00pm we wandered around claiming spots on 3 different camp activities. It was hard to choose from over a dozen choices. I still wonder if I would have had more fun had I gone tubing, played capture the flag or tried one of the relay games. (I’m overjoyed that I didn’t try the hot-dog eating contest.) I had a lot of fun with the activities I picked, so I can’t complain.

First up for me, Marcos and Tino was dodgeball…Austrailan rules. I’m not sure if that’s a genuine designation, but our camp counselor was an Aussie so I didn’t argue. The game was fiercely fought and brought back definite memories from childhood. As a developing geek I was always that guy with only average skills who lost focus during the game and accidentaly hurt someone else. As an adult I am still only averagely skilled, but I no longer end up hurting people. That honor fell to one of my teammates who kicked a dodgeball rolling at his feet straight into the face of a young lady on the opposing team. She erupted for nearly five minutes with expletive laden “What the f?!?”s and “That’s not cool!”s over the evil kicker dude’s apologies. I’m pretty sure they made up after the game.


The coolest game on the market was a new one to me: Sloshball. This game is really similar to kickball except that second base is a keg and you can’t pass second until you down a beer. Offensive teams are allowed to cluster 3 players around second before a force can happen, then someone has to finish their beer and dash for third. I never made it to second, but the camp counselors made a rule that anyone on defense could have a beer. If you have played kick ball as an adult, you recognize the wisdom of this rule since adults with full faculties and both hands free play really short innings.


My last event of the day was Duct-Tape Wallet making. As soon as I scan them in, I will link a copy of the instructions here in this paragraph. DTWallets are pretty cool and easy to make (if you have plenty of tape) and I’m inspired to make another better wallet this weekend. The best part, though, was our reward for finishing a wallet. The camp counselors for this event had a bottle of “Hot Damn!”:http://www.dekuyperusa.com/dk_web/products/hotdamn.asp?mycolor=hotdamn and would pour a shot for finished wallets and holler “Hot Damn!” when you upended the cup. (Becky and Diana were over in the embroidery craftshop at this time enhancing their camp t-shirts. Maybe we can convince them to scan in their work and add it to the comments.)

As the sun set we claimed our spots on the grass field in front of the screen and got in line for Salt Lick BBQ (yummy!). The clouds were a little threatening, but they were not due to break for several hours and they brought with them a nice cool evening to sit out-doors watching summer-camp themed movies.


Coming Soon…Horror Show freaks, fans, mavens, actors and um shows.

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2 Responses to “WDYLIA – Episode 2 – Part 1 (of 2 Parts)”

Comment from KellyMc
Time August 14, 2003 at 3:04 pm

Ah, so this is WIDLIA.

Becky, please post a photo of John in camp uniform.

Comment from HappyCamper
Time August 14, 2003 at 5:28 pm

I made the fron page of something! Yoo hoo! Am I a celebrity now? Great reflection on a fun time. I wanna do something else now?


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