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By jank - Last updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 - Save & Share - 3 Comments

“Page 2”: is on fire today. Hunter S Thompson is back with his first “Football”: column of the year, plus there’s the always great “TMQ(Tuesday Morning Quarterback)”:

“Today’s highlight”: , though, is the list of the 10 biggest sports busts, including grass in the Astrodome. Good stuff.

Nothing beat baseball hype in Houston during the ’60’s and ’70’s. I’ve got an uncle who was in town back then, and he said that nickle beer night was always close to a riot. The best Astrodome story he’s shared involves a Mothers’ Day special where the ‘Stros suspended a couple grand in small bills from the center of the ‘Dome. During the 7^th^ inning stretch, they had all the moms in the crowd come onto the field gather under the bag ‘o’ cash, the theory being that they’d open the bag, and the ladies could gather a little gift.

Well, no one bothered to think that bills falling from 18 stories above the playing field would take an extremely long time to make it to the field. They did. Fifteen minutes by my Uncle’s recollection. He said that it was a drunken catfight on the field by the time the bills made it to a grabbable level.

And to think that we thought the bat races were cool…

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Comment from jank
Time August 13, 2003 at 7:17 am

Can’t believe I missed this one. Jim Armstrong on actual good guys in sports.

And while we’re on the topic of ‘Redemption’:

Brett Favre telling me at the Packers’ training camp about his wild and crazy days in Atlanta when his night-time escapades caused him to miss the team picture shoot. But how his life, his career and his priorities changed when his daughter first spoke that most magic of words: daddy.

Corny as all get out; but hey, this is what sells in the heartland.

Comment from etrigan
Time August 13, 2003 at 10:40 am

Timely, too. When Armstrong was snooping in the dinner conversatons around the country he must have stopped by the RRSS (and the subsequent poker game). We recently discussed the lack of visible role models in sports and the willingness of the media to follow an athlete who is only moderately skilled but “sexy” (think Rodman or Kournikova).

Comment from jank
Time August 13, 2003 at 11:07 am

I don’t think (like Armstrong) that there is a general lack of positive role models in sports, I think there’s a lack of coverage.

Take David Robinson, for instance. Here’s a guy who was one of the premier centers to play the game, two time MVP, two time NBA Champ, did time in the military during the prime of his career (2 years until medically discharged – at 7’1″, he’s too tall for about any Navy job), gives millions to charity. Yes, he’s gotten coverage for his charity work, but it’s human nature to say yeah, yeah that’s nice and all.

The issue isn’t that those guys are out there; the issue is that we want to see folks who make us feel better about ourselves when we hold them up to us, and that many of the good folks (Wow, didn’t mean to focus only on men) would rather spend their time being called ‘daddy’ or working with the folks who need help instead of talking to the media. No offense to our resident journalist (who I’m sure is an exception), but the media are just as lazy as the rest of us (I’m sure there’s a Simpsons quote here, but don’t have the time to look). It’s easier to get hold of someone who’s drunk before noon and looking to be famous than someone who wants to make a difference.

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