Steve – Possible Upgrade?
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Pretty flippin’ sweet. I dig on the whole idea of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s. Not so hazardous to pilots; ultimately not so hazardous to those on the grounds since you don’t have a shaken pilot itching to shoot back if they get lit up.

But that’s not what’s cool about the firescout. “This”: is. Synthetic Apature Radar. One of my buds is an engineer who works on this kind of stuff. The article says one foot and four inch resolutions possible, which is pretty cool. Imagine sitting miles away and being able to tell if a truck has its windows rolled down.

Yeah. That’s what this can do.

The coolest thing is that SAR’s not really a hardware revolution, but a leap in processing. I know nothing about this program, but my guess is the the whole thing, signal processing and flying the UAV, is done from an off-the-shelf PC.

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