The Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots”
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By etrigan - Last updated: Thursday, August 7, 2003 - Save & Share - 3 Comments

“Pink Floyd”:, “Squeeze”:, “Ween”: I believe that these are very talented bands who have contributed greatly to the music world…I don’t listen to any of them.

This is one of the things that seperates me from the ‘alternative crowd’ — makes me a misfit’s misfit. I don’t think that originality on it’s own is the be-all end-all. I believe that derivative music can be better than the orignal. “Creed”: is not better than “Pearl Jam”:, but “Dub Side of the Moon”: is better than “Dark Side of the Moon”: John Denver’s cover of “Fire and Rain”: was better than “James Taylor’s”: recording (but I do realize the former wouldn’t exist with out the latter — I just can’t stand James Taylor’s voice.)

The Flaming Lips are not terribly original on this new album. Their musical styles derive straight from Roger Waters and borrow slightly from Gene and Dean Ween (and maybe one dip of “They Might Be Giants”: The lyrical and vocal qualities seem to branch off from these artists into Squeeze’s territory. It works brilliantly. Whether you agree with my shocking-get-your-attention opening paragraph or not — and I know some of you traditionalists are steaming mad at me and are typing furiously into that comment box right now — this album is better because it takes all of those elements (and maybe a few elements I can’t identify) and creates something truly beautiful.

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3 Responses to “The Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots””

Comment from cynsmith
Time August 8, 2003 at 8:45 am

Normally, I try to follow the golden rule when it comes to pointing out other people’s typos. So I won’t say anything about how I’ve never heard of the Falming Lips, but I remember a song about a girl and something about Vaseline and magazines by a band called the Flaming Lips.

Being the Eggers fan that I am, I should be all about the Flaming Lips, but so far I’m not. Perhaps this is the nudge I needed to go download them for myself.

(Mr. RIAA Man: ‘download’ is the new slang for ‘purchase’ – all the kids are using it these days!)

Comment from etrigan
Time August 8, 2003 at 10:36 am

One of the great things about online content is that, much like management, perception is reality. Now that the bits have been permanently altered, you look like the schmoe! (Hopefully, I caught it before it got Google-cached.)

btw, I hated that Flaming Lips song SO MUCH, so this should speak to my enjoyment of this album.

Comment from K-PHO
Time August 8, 2003 at 11:07 am

Indeed, this is a beautiful album. Possibly the most mainstream the Lips have played since that Beverly Hills 90210 appearance, but gorgeous nonetheless. General Public: If “In The Morning of the Magicians” doesn’t give you a chill when the vocal starts, check your pulse, you may be dead.

Good point that derivative music is sometimes better than the original. To that end, we seem to be flooded with bands the past 5 years that are successfully channeling (some would say apeing) their influences. Spoon, Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, Dandy Warhols, Elastica, The Hives, and Interpol all come to mind. JO, you’re not so shocking after all. I guess it’s more shocking that I agree with you.

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