Jesus, Hand-drawn Porn and Free Speech
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*no, not that Jesus!*

This is cross-post from a “/.”: “article”: about a guy, “Jesus Catillo”:, who got arrested and convicted because he sold an adult comic book to an adult under-cover officer. The Supreme Court denied to hear his appeal because they feel it’s a state’s rights issue. Castillo’s lawyers believe that free speech issues dealing with the state should be heard by the Supreme Court. One of my favorite charities, the “CBLDF(Comic Book Legal Defense Fund)”:, is handling the case and I think they have a point if only that this action effectively censors print material.

bq. ??I guess it would be—get rid of your X-Rated comics–we don’t sell that type of material anymore. Unfortunately, it’s the only way I know to avoid the situation in Texas, at least.??

Scroll down a bit on this “link”: to read Neil Gaiman’s ¢2.

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