Environmental Ghettoization
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Environmentalists against Windpower

Environmental mudslinging

Turns out that the president of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound is also the former chairman of Phelps Dodge, a strip mining company. Pot, this is kettle… I suppose he wouldn’t mind siting the wind farm in the Southwest.

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One Response to “Environmental Ghettoization”

Comment from etrigan
Time August 1, 2003 at 2:56 pm

Who is up for a sight-seeing trip to Trent Mesa?

I love protest sites that have free-form protest letters. Unfortunately, Save Our Sound does not, but they do have form letters and provide the email addresses of the people they are harrassing. Follow this link to read their letter and then come back to read mine, titled “Save our planet. Screw the Sound.”

I am writing to you to voice my strong objection to the objection of the 24 square-mile power plant proposed for the public waters of Nantucket Sound. This industrial facility poses a serious and imminent providence to many people in the Northeast and only an idiot would think that there is any serious ineludible concern for maritime safety issues.

Traveling at the nominal speed of just 6 miles per hour, boats in the wind power plant area will come upon a turbine approximately every 3 minutes; at 20 miles per hour, this frequency is increased to a turbine every minute. What’s more, every single turbine is in navigable water. So, the beauty of these turbines, which are the perfect mariage of art and science, can be seen from almost any where in the sound. (As a Texan, I know plenty of people who consider traveling to Big Spring, TX to see the wind turbine farm a tourist destination.)

Though rabid two-faced former industrialists insist “this massive project will close off 24 square miles of navigable waters to safe travel and rescue” and that “pleasure and commercial boats [will] lose 24 sq. mile of sea room”, it is absurd to think that navigating through the 500+ yard gaps between turbines will be a problem — and their assertion that “Coast Guard boats would have extreme difficulty distinguishing on radar an imperiled vessel from 130 enormous moving objects” severly underestimates the training and equipment provided to this branch of the U.S. Military. How could any soldier NOT tell the difference between a stationary (not moving!) object the size of the Statue of Liberty and a marine vessel?

I believe that the Coast Guard should notify the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that this enormous power installation will create a lasting tribute of this country’s desire to provide clean renewable energy sources for it’s citizens. Please do all that you can to ensure that this industrial complex becomes a reality. With filthy rich industrialists in this weatlh-tarnished area already being pampered enough, we do not need to create further government capitulation for the rich.


John R Osmon

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