The Decline of X
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By etrigan - Last updated: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 - Save & Share - One Comment

A new article at Salon evenly highlights the issues around MDMA and reflects my current feelings on the subject.

I like to refer to the summer of ’94 (or was it ’95?) as the Summer of X. For 12 weeks I spent almost every Friday night scoring X at the local version of an opium den. A dark club packed full of people who were either young enough to be my accidental little brother or sister or old enough to know better, where the line on the street led to a side door near the alley (god forbid you go to a club where people came/went by the front door) and the owner prowled that line genially berating the bored but expectant club kids and techno-trippers — this club was a warm second-home for a young man who was crossing over from the college community into work-a-day adulthood. The first few weeks on X were amazing experiences that I wish everyone could experience. Paraphrasing the pastor who raised me (God rest his sould and forgive mine), “Explaining to someone the feeling of doing X is like describing chocolate pie to someone who’s neither had chocolate nor pie.” However, the last few trips I’ve taken were big let-downs.

If I had known what the cummulative effect of MDMA was, I would have done it much less often — saving up my trips for special occasions. In the aforementioned article Dr Julie Holland is quoted “In essence the government said, since people are sniffing paints, therapists couldn’t use the paint…a huge branch of medicine has been denied a powerful tool.” I would take this one step further and say that because of the government placing MDMA on Schedule 1 many people have taken this drug without knowing the full impact of it’s use. Only a couple more year’s research in the mid-80s and it would not have to be the 21st century before we learn of this impact. Besides, the Libertarian in me sees the banning of MDMA as a puritanical reaction to a citizen having more fun than the politicians. Ultimately, a person should be respnsible for what they do to their body.

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Comment from etrigan
Time July 31, 2003 at 5:58 am

The second part of this article gets more into the research aspect of X and is peppered with quotes from X users. It’s almost a foot-note but it does mention a RAND study that I missed that “Casts Doubt on Claims That Marijuana Acts as “Gateway” “ to harder drugs.

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