Uranium and Sexual Realtions
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“Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”
[2003 – State of the Union]

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
[ January 26, 1998 – At White House news conference on education ]

It may be early to lay into politics even before the head has settled on our new virtual beer, but I’ve been seeing a lot of parallels in politics lately and I wanted to give you all an opportunity to abuse me of my misguided notions.

Let me say this: I think we needed to go to Iraq and get rid of Saddam Hussein AND I believe 100% that Saddam Hussein had something really nasty (that’s being referred to as WMD) and he was in the process of selling, trading or giving it to someone with a more aggressive anti-American agenda than his own. I simply believe this in my gut/heart, though I have no proof. Sadly, we didn’t get rid of him and I think the quote above and it’s implied repercussions indicate that this invasion may have been botched before it got started.

The Dems will now use this quote as grounds to launch an expensive investigation trying their damndest to discredit a president who is already in question. This all sounds too familiar and in the end I think the American public will have formed an opinion despite whatever legal grounds may be won or lost. “…same as it ever was…”

As a moderate liberal (who’s headed to becoming a liberal moderate), though, I think Clinton’s affair was nasty, but it did not impact my judgment on his ability to be a good president. W on the other hand…

I am waiting for the other shoe to fall, now. Any day the white house staff will find an Oliver North to stand up and take the fall for the African uranium intel.

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